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God Is Always Near

🍞 God Is Always Near 🍷
Psalm 16:7-9 📖

If you have never experienced the presence of God, you may wonder how He reveals Himself to believers. The Lord has many different ways of reaching out to His children, so the following is certainly not a complete list. But if you desire to know that the Father is always near, He will choose the best way to connect with you.

God speaks. I have never heard the Lord´s audible voice, but I have experienced Him speaking clearly and forcefully to my heart. His communication is so unmistakable that those who hear Him remember the message and the reverent excitement long after.

God sends a message. Sometimes the Lord lays on a person´s heart the need to get alone with Him. When this happens to me, God is usually saying He´s ready to give me Sunday´s sermon. It is unwise to ignore such urgings or even to delay until a more ´convenient´ time—I have made the mistake of putting off listening only to discover that when I finally did slow down, the message was harder to receive outside of the Father´s perfect timing. God makes His presence known through His Word.

I meditated for a month on a recent sermon´s Bible passage. Every day I wanted to go back to the same verses because God kept giving me new truths and insights. I knew I was in His presence because His Word was speaking specifically to my heart.

The Lord is real and present in this world. He wants to share Himself with us so we can draw contentment, courage, and joy from His presence. To know what He´s saying, we must be willing to slow down and listen.

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